Aster Export

About Aster Export

I have been trading stone products for over 10 years, starting small and progressing.
I started buying mosaics from Indonesia in 1998 and had so many headaches I set up my own manufacture almost immediately. The business is still going from strength to strength because it uses the best net, glue and stringent quality control. Being a director of a UK company throughout this time I gained the necessary experience to supply one of the country’s major importers and the biggest D-I-Y chains, along with many tiling specialist retailers and garden centres. Even went on a tiling course- it opened my eyes to the science behind laying floors!

During this time I was buying a lot of granite products and tiles from China. Being part of the supply chain, I had to be party to all CSR reports from there and here in Indonesia. All major retailers in the developed markets will sooner or later be required or expected to adhere to CSR programmes.

Last year, finally made the decision to move to this land of opportunity, spending the first year visiting and inspecting the many quarries and producers of predominately marble. With a number of suppliers, their help, patience and co-operation I can now offer, what I believe to be the best single source of natural stone tiles produced to an international standard here in Indonesia.

Pricing of product here can vary immensely, so can the quality of cutting, packing, communication etc. I currently have suppliers who have a common criterion of using Italian cutting and polishing machinery, familiar with exporting to developed nations and offering only graded stone in all the usual finishes.

Looking forward to hearing from you.